What should we do if our customer is reporting that our routing number is not recognized by a third party (e.g., another bank, electric utility company, etc)?

  • When an institution doesn’t recognize a routing number, it’s likely because their system for validating these numbers isn’t using the latest version of the Federal Reserve’s bank routing directory. The third party will need to update their stale records. 
  • The best solution is to contact the third party directly. We recommend the following language: 



I’m attempting to link my bank account through your service at [insert link here], but I’m getting an error message.


It seems like the system does not recognize the routing number [insert routing number here], which is valid, according to the Federal Reserve [FRB LINK]


Can you help me escalate this to your banking operations team?



[your name]

  • If you’re unable to resolve the issue, reach out to our Support Team
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