Can you resend the 1099 to a new address?

Requesting and Delivering a 1099 Form to a New Address or Electronically:

If a customer needs their 1099 form sent to a new address or delivered electronically because they are no longer at the address on file, there are specific steps to follow.

Electronic Delivery:

The preferred method for delivering 1099 forms is electronically, you can easily generate the tax form via API. You can generate and send tax forms directly to your users by following the documentation available at Unit's Tax Forms API Documentation. This process is efficient and allows for quick e-delivery to end customers. Please provide the following consent to your customer and once confirmed you can email the form.

Email Consent:

Before sending the 1099 form electronically, ensure that the customer has given consent to receive files via email.

A suggested email template for obtaining consent is as follows:

Thank you for reaching out. 1099-INT forms are generated with the address on file at the time of account closure. 
If your address on file has changed since then, we can send the 1099-INT form to you electronically.
Please confirm that your email address is [email address on file]. You can expect your digital 1099-INT form by March 1, 2024.

 Mailing to a New Address:

If there is a request to mail a 1099 form to a new address, please verify the new address with one of the following documents: an individual's document to verify the address may be a utility bill, bank statement, lease agreement or current pay stub.Once verified, you are responsible for updating the address in the dashboard. Ensure that the address is updated via the API to comply with regulations. Once a new address is updated please reach out to Unit's support team via ticket to resend the form.


If you decide to resend a form to a new address please acknowledge the following fees associated with this request. Fees are ~$1.50 per 1099-INT form, plus ~$1.00 for each one that is physically mailed. 

Timeline: The request to resend the form to a new address should be submitted by 2/28/2024. 

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