Why is a check rejected for F1?


Checks rejected for F1 are considered ineligible items. 

Customers agree that they will not use the Check Deposit Services to scan or deposit images of items that:

  • are not payable in United States currency;
  • are not drawn on a financial institution located outside the United States;
  • are payment to someone other than themselves
  • are savings bonds or travelor's checks
  • are checks authorized over the telephone and created remotely
  • are images of a check that never existed in paper form;
  • must be authorized or activated by us prior to being deposited;
  • have already been deposited by or returned to you;
  • are not legible or do not conform to our standards, as determined in our sole discretion;
  • are fraudulent, not authorized, suspicious or not likely to be honored;
  • are not dated, are post-dated, or are more than six (6) months old when transmitted (unless otherwise indicated on face of check);
  • do not comply with the requirements established from time to time by any applicable statute, regulation, regulatory agency, clearing house or association;
  • we deem to be Ineligible Items herein or at any other time, with or without prior notice to you;
  • do not comply with the requirements of the Agreement; or
  • do not meet the Technical Requirements
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