What do the check deposit statuses mean?


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Check Deposits can have one of the following statuses:

Awaiting Images: The front and back side of the check is still required. 

Awaiting Front Image: The front side of the check is required, only the back side image was received. 

Awaiting Back Image: The back side of the check is required, only the front side image was received. 

Pending Review: The check is pending review by Unit.

Awaiting Customer Confirmation: The customer needs to retake the image or confirm the check deposit amount. There is a 10-minute window, if no action is taken, the check deposit will be automatically rejected. 

Pending: The check deposit has been created but has not been processed yet. 

Canceled: The check was canceled. 

Rejected: The check was rejected. Refer to our list of potential check rejections

Returned: The check was returned by the receiving bank, as they were not able to complete the request. View our list of potential check return reasons

Clearing: The check was processed and the deposit account has not been credited yet. The clearing period for the check is defined by the deposit product. 

Sent: The check was successfully processed, deposit account was credited. 


Our Check Deposit Guide will cover further information!





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