What does the status mean for Payments and Received Payments?

  • Payments (originated) can be in the following statuses:
    • Pending ReviewPayments awaiting to be reviewed after initiation by the customer.
    • RejectedOnce rejected, the reason will appear within the transaction.  
    • Pending = Payments reviewed, created on the Unit ledger but not yet delivered to the network.
    • Clearing = The payment has been sent.
    • SentThe payment was processed by the network.
    • CanceledPayment has been canceled.
    • ReturnPayment was processed but has been returned by the network or receiving bank.

Note: Only payments in pending or pending review can be canceled. Once in clearing, they can't be canceled. 


  • Received payments (incoming) can be in the following statuses:
    • Completed = Payments processed successfully. 
    • Pending review = Waiting to be manually reviewed by Unit.
    • Pending = Has already been reviewed, and will change to Clearing after the cutoff. Only received payments that are in status Pending can be advanced. Here is further information on Early Payment Access
    • Marked for Return = Potential return reasons are covered in our ACH Overview Guide. Payments are reviewed automatically in our system and Unit will only review name mismatch payments and mark the payment for return. 
    • Returned = Payments returned. 


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