The core features of a deposit account

Deposit accounts contain the specific details of a customer's activity. There are 6 sections to a deposit account. 


1.) Account Information

  • Includes account ID (this locates the deposit account of a particular customer), when the account was created, last updated, the status of the account, the balance, and the available balance in the account. 
  • The difference between balance and available is based on the hold. Holds are any payments that have not settled into the account. More information on authorization holds can be found in item 4 below.

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2.) Cards

  • All physical debit and virtual cards under a cardholder/customer will display the last 4 digits, the holder's name, expiration date, the status of the card, the type of card, when the card was created (this date is when the card is ordered), updated at refers to any updates to the card such as activation or closure, and actions. 
  • These are the following card statuses: active, inactive, suspected fraud, stolen, lost, frozen, closed.
  • Depending on the status and the type of card you are able to take actions on the card such as closing, freezing, or replacing.                                


3.) Transactions

  • These are all payments under a customer in credit or debit, ACH or Wire, any card transactions, etc.
  • You can filter by searching for a transaction or using the dropdown to the right of the search field, the type of transaction, the amount, the timeframe, and the ability to export the transaction information!


4.) Authorizations

  • Authorizations is a card authorization, it is when the merchant has to charge the account. 
  • These holds range from card declines, card cancelations, pending authorizations (merchant places a hold on the card that is temporary to ensure there are no damages, etc and has not settled the purchase yet), and completed authorizations. 



5.) Payments

  • All ACH or Wire activity initiated by the customer will display in this section with the payment ID, the type of payment, the deposit account ID of the customer, the customer name, amount, status of the payment, and when it was created.
  • You can filter by the direction of the payment, the type of payment, timeframe, and even export the data. Another cool feature is that the payment links to the transaction! You will be able to see both payment and transaction details.




6.) Statements

  • The monthly statement generated automatically for all bank activity and downloadable via the pdf icon 

            Screen Shot 2023-09-15 at 10.51.41 AM.png

Additional actions available within a deposit account

  • On the top right hand corner, click within the Review account limits field, this includes the account limits for the deposit account (card limits, originated ACH payment limits, check deposits limits). 
  • The grey button with the three dots gives you the option to freeze, close the account, or download a bank verification letter. 
  • The blue button is only present in the sandbox environment and lets you simulate any action.
  • The Support widget is located on the bottom right hand corner! Feel free to choose from the dropdown list to let us know of any inquiries you may have.

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