How to search for Disputes

There are two ways to search for disputes. 


1.) In the Dispute section of the dashboard, click on Disputes from the left-hand side of the dashboard menu. 

  • We can search by Customer ID or the Dispute ID. 
  • In the screenshot below, we are searching by Customer ID. The same can be done with the Dispute ID by typing out the number. Screen Shot 2023-08-30 at 3.22.15 PM.png

2.) Within the customer account (not the deposit account itself), it is the main landing page for the customer, there is a dispute section. 

  • Within the dispute section, all of the ongoing disputes for the customer will be displayed. 
  • Clicking into the dispute itself will display the notes from the current investigation and all of the transaction details. It will even link you back to the transaction itself! See the video below.  



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