When are final balance checks mailed? Can they be mailed to a different address?

  • In most cases, the final balance check is processed and mailed out a few weeks after account closure. 
  • The check will be sent to the account address on file unless otherwise requested. In order for the check to be mailed to a different address, use the Contact Us widget on the Dashboard, then select Closed Account Check Reissue to submit an address verification document.
    The following is a list of acceptable documents:  

      • Utility Bill
      • Bank Statement 
      • Lease Agreement
      • Pay Stub
      • Insurance Bill/Statement
      • Driver’s License (unexpired) 
    • When closing an account with a balance of $1 or less, the funds will automatically be transferred to your organization's revenue account (see more at Account Low Balance Closure). When closing an account with a balance greater than $1, a check will be mailed to the business or individual address on file.

      When closing an account with a negative balance, the balance will be considered a loss, and will be covered from your reserve account

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